A vibrant, relevant, Biblical church,
impacting our community
with the love of Christ



We’re still growing and developing as a team in our worship and our vision is to reach a new and higher level of true worship in our lives, part of which is to help us lead the church better in true worship. Our vision is:

Worship Practice

The team meets at 8:30 AM on Sunday morning before church to practice and prepare for the service. This is a good time for anyone interested to watch, meet the team and catch the heart of worship. There are opportunities for musicians, for sound and computer techs, for singers and for anyone with a heart to worship.

Get Involved

We would love to see new members. If you are interested in worship and/or creative arts, there are many places to fill and a small team to fill them. We are open for anyone to join - to express interest, ideas, develop skills, etc.

example: still from a creative video

example: still from a creative video

If you have something burning in your spirit we want to enable you to bring it to life. This church is a place where you can grow in your own personal talents and abilities to glorify the name of Jesus with what He has given you. We desire this house to be a place where what is created is pleasing in God's eyes and has a true heart of worship behind it.