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Happy Church

A church in the Philippines, they began as a ministry to the local prison and their heart for the poor has never changed. God has blessed them with consistent growth and fruitfulness, a new building and open opportunities to bring the love of Jesus into the lives of needy people. The ministry has been around for over 25 years and has blessed its local community in amazing ways.

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Prayer at the new Happy Church site

Prayer at the new Happy Church building site.

Happy Church has one of the most effective ministries to the poor in their country. They run orphanages, homes for the elderly, a school for the deaf, they build houses for the homeless, a prison ministry, and run feeding programs for the poor.

Prison Ministry

A dedicated team visits the Young Offenders Correctional Centre twice a month – once for a chapel service and once for a Bible study. Many young men accept the Gospel message and both team and inmates are blessed in the visits. The prison and its officers have extended favour to us for many years. To join the team you need training and security clearance but you can attend a monthly graduation ceremony without this clearance – talk to Andy.

The Bargain Centre

The Bargain Centre began in 2008 on the main street of Oberon, 163 Oberon Street. It is a local business that provides second hand goods to the local community. The store is a ministry of Oberon CLC, and has made a considerable impact on the community with its bargain prices and Christian meeting place in the centre of town. To find out more information, speak to Les or Judy at the Bargain Centre.

Love Packages

The church collects one large family food hamper bimonthly that is given to local people who are in need. Take a slip of paper from the table near the entrance and bring the named item to add to the boxes there.

Armstrong Ministries

We are now supporting the Initiative Church from the Mt Druitt area – one of the most socially depressed areas in Australia. Ps David Armstrong and his wife Angela are doing a new and effective work there among indigenous Australians.

Other Ministries

We are keen to support ministries that are strategic thinkers and are at the forefront of effective outreach, both in Asia and outback Australia. ACC International & Kimberley Indigenous Ministries are two such ministries.